When Do You Start Christmas / Holiday Decorating?

For those of you who followed me on SAHW through the years, you probably know that I am kind of obsessed with Christmas.  Ok, I am totally obsessed with Christmas!  I have my tree up by the beginning of November, fully decorated and LOVE it!


For some odd reason, this enrages some people.  I mean, they get very upset and angry.  I will never understand this! Last I checked, they don’t live in my house.  It is not like I am subjecting everyone else to early holiday decorating.  I mean I don’t even decorate the outside of my house until Thanksgiving weekend.  But still, they can’t understand why my tree is up so early, they think its ridiculous.  Is that not crazy that someone would be so angry about me putting up a tree or decorations in MY home?  Sheesh. . .


Any who, tonight it was cold outside.  The wind is howling and it just felt like Winter (my favorite season) was in the air. It is Friday which is normally pizza night at our house, but I just felt compelled to forego the pizza and to cook something great.  I made Chicken Cutlet Parmesan and Spaghetti and hung out with my little one and his best friend.  We sat on the couch and watched Home Alone.


Now I am sitting here on the couch typing this, watching Elf with my little one (who is half asleep) and looking at my tree all lit up and pretty!  My tree brings me happiness.  I love looking at it and I don’t care what anyone thinks.


I like to think of myself as “Christmas Organized”.  In my opinion, it is too much work to do for a week or two.  I like to enjoy the lights and the decorations for as long as I can.

Which brings me to my question. . When do you start decorating?


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