This Little Blue Thermos Is A MUST For Your Kids School Lunches!


My 2nd grader is probably the PICKIEST eater alive.  I mean, I swear, the pickiest -he could win an award.  Since Kindergarten, all he has wanted to eat was cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread, no crust.  And even though I remove all of the crust, he still just eats around the imaginary crust.  So he is not eating the entire sandwich.  If I try to put any turkey on it, he takes it off.  It has been a battle and he won’t eat anything else.  He however, is not too picky about snacks ;).

Last year he had to get glasses.  When I tell you he failed his eye exam, I mean he failed.  I could see what he couldn’t 30 feet behind him.  He must wear his glasses all the time but since then developed headaches.  I spoke with his doctor and due to the fact that he still functioned with them, and they went away with sleep, he wasn’t concerned.   As a migraine suffered, one of my trigger foods is cheese, so I started questioning him eating daily cheese sandwiches.  He never has a cheese sandwich on the weekend, and he doesn’t get headaches either on the weekends.  I wanted to see if this was it, if the cheese was triggering his headaches.

He always told me that a friend of his brought soup to school, spaghetti, etc.  He told me she had a cup.  I figured it was a thermos, so I jumped on Amazon and ordered this little blue thermos.  It was delivered the next day! Thank you Amazon prime.

Let me tell you about this thing, it is amazing!  First of all, it is small, I mean very small but perfect for little kids.  Your teenager however, would starve from this.   I read the reviews and one of the reviewers said to fill it with boiling water, or very hot water for a few minutes before putting the food in.  I was so nervous and so excited.  The first day I packed him leftover spaghetti and turkey meatballs.  I heated it up very hot, dumped the water and transferred it into the thermos.  I packed him a little Parmesan cheese in the little glad circle containers.  They’re very small, probably good for salad dressing and condiments.   Did I mention he is obsessed with ketchup and Parmesan cheese?  Yes, he is.  Wont eat chicken without ketchup and puts Parmesan cheese on rice!  I know, my strange little boy!  I sent him on his merry way and I waited.  I wondered all day if his food was hot.  I mean really, it was driving me insane!  I definitely don’t want him to have daily headaches.  When he got home he was happy to report that his food was great and it stayed hot!  We have been using this daily and I’ve put everything in there.  If you have a picky eater, or are just so tired of your little ones eating sandwiches, you have to get this.  I pack his lunch at 8am and he doesn’t go to lunch until 12:05.  4 hours later and it’s still hot.  I usually pack him the little bit of leftovers from dinner the night before. When I am putting something in there that doesn’t mix, I use a piece of foil.  When I packed him chicken and rice I placed the rice on the bottom, a piece of aluminum foil over it and then put the chicken on top. Why you say?  Because if the rice touches the chicken, he won’t eat it.  I know, I know, but he’s my baby! 😉

It has been about 2 weeks now and he hasn’t had any headaches.  I couldn’t believe it.  I really think it was the American Cheese causing his headaches. There may be quite a few of you that already have one of these, or think I am crazy to have not known about this but I had no idea.  I wish I knew about this from day one!



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