Mrs. Deleyer Delayed. . .

If you read 26 Years, you knew Jeff and I were supposed to get married.  Due to his current ticket, we were not allowed to get married this month.  Yes, it was supposed to be this month.  This has been difficult for the both of us.  I know it technically doesn’t really change a lot, but I was just ready to become Mrs. Deleyer.  After all, I have been ready to become Mrs. Deleyer since I was 14 yrs old!

I was outside with my best friend Michelle in the commons area of our High School.  This was the area where all the kids would hang out and smoke cigarettes during lunch breaks and between classes.  I will never forget the first time I saw him as he walked through the doors to the commons areas and the feeling I felt.  I looked over at Michelle and said; “Oh my god, I am going to marry that boy”.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it would end up being in a New York State Maximum Security Prison. . .  I don’t know why this is how our lives played out and I am not sure I will ever understand.  But for some reason, this is the path we have had to take.

He is going crazy being locked down and not being able to see or speak to me.  He is also very upset this ticket affected us getting married.  I try to keep him busy.  I write daily and I have now started assigning him homework to do.  I send him a list of questions, deep questions that he must answer.  I answer the same questions for him as well.  I just received the answers back from a list of questions Continue reading “Mrs. Deleyer Delayed. . .”


I Will Always Be In Love With You. . . (Part 4-26 Years)

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Part 3 

I couldn’t believe he was on the phone.  Oh my god, how I missed his voice.  My entire body was filled with butterflies, and I was beyond nervous.  I swear at this moment, memories just started flashing right before my eyes, the first time we locked eyes, the first time we kissed, us at the beach, the way he looked at me when I first went to see him in jail.  The love of my life, I could hear him, he was still here, he was still the man who loved me more than any man could dream of loving me. He was the one 26 years ago, and somehow he was still the one now. . .

They say when you’re young, you can’t possibly know what love is. They say puppy love isn’t real love.  I recall my mother telling me, one day when I become an adult, I wouldn’t even remember his name.  Obviously, she was wrong.  I tried for years to forget him, but was never able to.  And now he was back, on the phone speaking to me. . .my heart was pounding and I realized I was still so head over heels in love with this man!

My business was funny to him, he asked all sorts of questions.  I mean, I am in Bail bonds, which is probably the last business anyone who ever knew me would ever think I would end up building a career in.  Bail Bonds is a very male dominated industry, especially in Maryland.  But to be honest, I believe everything that happened in my life had a purpose.  I didn’t understand jail and prison.  However, being in the industry I was in gave me a strong understanding of how prison was, and it truly opened my eyes.  Bail bonds in a way, stripped me of my innocence.  I was no longer naive and was now extremely street smart.   Continue reading “I Will Always Be In Love With You. . . (Part 4-26 Years)”


After 22 Years Of Marriage, I Filed For Divorce

My husband and I are still legally married. He moved out 2 weeks ago.  We have been married 22 years and the last 3 years have been tough.  As for what I know, it all started with him on social media he is in the military and enjoyed chatting about fitness and joining different groups.  We have 2 children. They are 16 and 9. The kids are very active in school and athletics so to say the least, I have a full plate.  

I discovered he was having more than just fitness chats. I confronted him and he said he was sorry, got off the site and he said he wanted to show me that his intentions were not to leave, just went too far.  Things were good and we started date nights and focused on making sure we communicated better.  He eventually started being distant and carrying his phone everywhere. He was not making an effort Continue reading “After 22 Years Of Marriage, I Filed For Divorce”