DIY Valentines Day Idea’s For Kids

Valentines Day is less than a week away.  Instead of boxed Valentine’s for your kids class, why not try these super inexpensive easy Homemade Valentines!  These are great for your kids to bring to school.  Just have them sign their name on the back!

Directions For Lolly Pop Heart Flowers


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Free Super Bowl Bingo Printables

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Will you be trying to keep the kids entertained during the big game?  Check out these free Super Bowl Bingo Printable cards for a little extra excitement.  Use skittles, m&m’s, crayons, or whatever you have around the house for markers.  Offer a little prize for the winner.  This will be a lot of fun for the kids, but adults can have fun with this too!  For the free download click here!   Enjoy the big game!


My Father’s Betrayal

The following was copied from my daughters post today. It broke my heart to read. How can the man who was supposed to love and protect her continue to hurt her every chance he gets.

Daughters Facebook Post

NEED EVERY PRAYER OUT THERE POSSIBLE PLEASE!!!! I am not a person that posts personal matters on Facebook, only thing I share a lot is about stress in school or my happy relationship. But what a lot of people don’t know is my home life. Everyone on here probably thinks I am privileged, spoiled, or rich. In reality I am not. During High school I was honored for my father to switch me his GI Bill benefits meaning I had practically an 80% full ride to further my education. By having these benefits I chose one of the best colleges ever in Texas, not a public institute but a Private institute. Since 80% is covered why not go big!

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How To Get A Letter From Santa


How cool would it be to have your child receive their own personal letter from Santa at the North Pole, with an Official North pole stamp?  This year the United States Postal Service is doing just that.  If you want your child to receive a letter from Santa, you must act fast and follow these instructions.  

-Have your child write their letter to Santa

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This Little Blue Thermos Is A MUST For Your Kids School Lunches!


My 2nd grader is probably the PICKIEST eater alive.  I mean, I swear, the pickiest -he could win an award.  Since Kindergarten, all he has wanted to eat was cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread, no crust.  And even though I remove all of the crust, he still just eats around the imaginary crust.  So he is not eating the entire sandwich.  If I try to put any turkey on it, he takes it off.  It has been a battle and he won’t eat anything else.  He however, is not too picky about snacks ;).

Last year he had to get glasses.  When I tell you he failed his eye exam, I mean he failed.  I could see what he couldn’t 30 feet behind him.  He must wear his glasses all the time but since then developed headaches.  I spoke with his doctor and due to the fact that he still functioned with them, Continue reading “This Little Blue Thermos Is A MUST For Your Kids School Lunches!”