How To Get A Letter From Santa


How cool would it be to have your child receive their own personal letter from Santa at the North Pole, with an Official North pole stamp?  This year the United States Postal Service is doing just that.  If you want your child to receive a letter from Santa, you must act fast and follow these instructions.  

-Have your child write their letter to Santa

-When not with your child, write or Type out a response to your child from Santa.  This should be personal, addressing him/her by name, talking about accomplishments, Continue reading “How To Get A Letter From Santa”


When Do You Start Christmas / Holiday Decorating?

For those of you who followed me on SAHW through the years, you probably know that I am kind of obsessed with Christmas.  Ok, I am totally obsessed with Christmas!  I have my tree up by the beginning of November, fully decorated and LOVE it!


For some odd reason, this enrages some people.  I mean, they get very upset and angry.  I will never understand this! Last I checked, they don’t live in my house.  It is not like I am subjecting everyone else to early holiday decorating.  I mean I don’t even decorate the outside of my house until Continue reading “When Do You Start Christmas / Holiday Decorating?”