You Will Never Trust Him Again

So your husband cheated on you and you have made the decision to save your marriage.  Perhaps it is because you love him so much.  Or maybe you are comfortable in your marriage, have children.  Whatever the reason is, you have decided to make it work, to forgive him.  To pick up the pieces of your life and try to move forward.

I am not here to tell you to leave your cheating husband, nor am I here to tell you it is not possible to move forward. The truth is, you can move forward.  You may even end up living a relatively happy life, but, and here is the but.  You will NEVER be able to trust him again.  Sure you will talk to others and they will say that trust has to be earned and eventually you will be able to trust again. That sounds good Continue reading “You Will Never Trust Him Again”


Dear Frosty Floozy,

I don’t expect you to reply to this but it’s a part of my attempt at healing. I know how much in denial you are about the whole situation for reasons I don’t know. Maybe you’re ashamed, feel guilty or its to save face but the fact remains I KNOW what you and my husband did. No woman texts someone else’s husband “we need to talk”. No woman calls someone else’s husband since I heard you on speaker phone and says “It’s no ones business what we did.”

Well as his wife it is my business and it is your workplace’s Continue reading


Dear Ex,

Although you gave me 2 beautiful children the next best thing you gave me was clarification, by having an affair. Wow really? With someone who when I tried giving you to her, turned you down because she didn’t want to be known as the mistress. She just wanted to be your secret and nothing else lol.

You fell once again for a psycho who lied her way into your heart. You claimed you loved me? No honey, you loved yourself. Thank you for being an ass but most of all thank Continue reading


To Forgive and Move On

When my husband left for Afghanistan he was a loving and caring father to our 2 adult boys and a devoted husband for 25 years. We had been a military family our entire marriage and we’re used to separations and trials and knew not to take each other for granted. As we all know, no relationship is perfect but we were a very strong and happy couple. In the year that he was gone I worked as a pediatric nurse, I buried my father , went through chest biopsies when a lump was found, took my son to court when he got a DWI, tied yellow ribbons on all of our trees and did all the things any other military wife does during a deployment.

Our emails are things of love stories, it was a great way to remember Continue reading “To Forgive and Move On”