Dear Frosty Floozy,

I don’t expect you to reply to this but it’s a part of my attempt at healing. I know how much in denial you are about the whole situation for reasons I don’t know. Maybe you’re ashamed, feel guilty or its to save face but the fact remains I KNOW what you and my husband did. No woman texts someone else’s husband “we need to talk”. No woman calls someone else’s husband since I heard you on speaker phone and says “It’s no ones business what we did.”

Well as his wife it is my business and it is your workplace’s Continue reading


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First I want to say that I am not expecting you to care or even begin to grasp what I have to say in this letter.  The one question that keeps haunting me is how could YOU do this to me and my girls?  I realize there isn’t a good enough answer, the fact is YOU did it.

Some people might say R & I set up the perfect storm by trusting YOU both. However, I will not accept that. There is something wrong with YOUR characters if opportunity controls YOUR loyalty.

YOU knew how much I loved him and what I went through for him and with him.  He wasn’t YOURS to take, but I am also aware YOU couldn’t take what he wasn’t willing to give away. Instead of him looking inside himself he took the route that was clearly EASY & CONVENIENT! Continue reading


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In all the time that has passed I have come to realize that if you were able to keep secrets like you did for years & have a twisted loyalty to someone else, that you were capable of doing so much more for me as my husband & as a father. You simply didn’t want to.

You put your time and attention into someone other than me and our family. You robbed me of affection, attention, compliments & most importantly love, loyalty and the value that I deserved. Continue reading


Dear Ex,

Although you gave me 2 beautiful children the next best thing you gave me was clarification, by having an affair. Wow really? With someone who when I tried giving you to her, turned you down because she didn’t want to be known as the mistress. She just wanted to be your secret and nothing else lol.

You fell once again for a psycho who lied her way into your heart. You claimed you loved me? No honey, you loved yourself. Thank you for being an ass but most of all thank Continue reading


Dear Homewrecker,

You don’t realize how much of a blessing you were in my life. While in your life, you thought he was your fairy tale, he in my life was actually a free-loading bum. I later invited you to his castle which was a fallen apart house on his mommy & daddy’s land once I learned of your love lol… Sadly, once I knew, you decided you liked being hidden rather than actually be noticed. While you pushed your damsel in distress on my husband, your husband found me on Facebook and told me of the affair.

Thank you for taking the weight I carried for so long with Continue reading

$2 DIY Glade Plug In Decorative Covers



I am obsessed with Glad plug-ins.  I have one in practically every room in my house.  They make my home smell so inviting.  People are constantly asking me what I use to make my home “smell so good”.  Well, glade plugins!  My favorite scent is “Be At Peace” (last years shimmering spruce).  It has such an amazing scent that lasts long.  Yes, I have used Yankee plug-ins and Wallflowers from BBW but they just don’t do it for me, and not to mention the cost is double.  But, they do have the beautiful decorative covers that Glade for some reason has yet to capitalize on.  Why?  I have no idea.  Yes, my house smells amazing, but what an eyesore the ugly white plug-ins are!  I HATE them.  They just don’t look nice, but I am not willing to give up my glade scented oils.  So what is a girl to do?

I contacted Glade begging suggesting they come up with something!  Why make a product that smells so good but looks absolutely hideous I asked?   Continue reading “$2 DIY Glade Plug In Decorative Covers”

30 Years Stuck


I’ve been married for 30 years and I don’t love my husband anymore.  I caught him on porn sites because I installed a program in my computer.  When confronted he lied and blamed it on our adult son. He was emotionally abusive. He was in an emotional affair several years ago, but to this date, he won’t admit it. He’s also a controller with money. He had a 5 weeks sexual affair February/March 2015 and tells me he wants a divorce. He “opened” up to the girl he had an affair with but my own husband won’t talk to me. What should I do?


When Do You Start Christmas / Holiday Decorating?


For those of you who followed me on SAHW through the years, you probably know that I am kind of obsessed with Christmas.  Ok, I am totally obsessed with Christmas!  I have my tree up by the beginning of November, fully decorated and LOVE it!


For some odd reason, this enrages some people.  I mean, they get very upset and angry.  I will never understand this! Last I checked, they don’t live in my house.  It is not like I am subjecting everyone else to early holiday decorating.  I mean I don’t even decorate the outside of my house until Continue reading “When Do You Start Christmas / Holiday Decorating?”

This Little Blue Thermos Is A MUST For Your Kids School Lunches!



My 2nd grader is probably the PICKIEST eater alive.  I mean, I swear, the pickiest -he could win an award.  Since Kindergarten, all he has wanted to eat was cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread, no crust.  And even though I remove all of the crust, he still just eats around the imaginary crust.  So he is not eating the entire sandwich.  If I try to put any turkey on it, he takes it off.  It has been a battle and he won’t eat anything else.  He however, is not too picky about snacks ;).

Last year he had to get glasses.  When I tell you he failed his eye exam, I mean he failed.  I could see what he couldn’t 30 feet behind him.  He must wear his glasses all the time but since then developed headaches.  I spoke with his doctor and due to the fact that he still functioned with them, Continue reading “This Little Blue Thermos Is A MUST For Your Kids School Lunches!”

How I Turned Cleaning Out My Garage Into Extra Cash


The holidays are right around the corner and we can always use some extra cash.  After my dad died, I spent 12 hours in my garage cleaning out everything.  I was obsessed with finding every single photo or anything that my father had given me throughout the years.  While I was in there searching for memories, I couldn’t believe how much stuff I was just holding onto.  I found so many old toys, just crates and crates of toys that my children outgrew years ago.  Old purses, clothes, home decor, books, etc.  You name it, I found it.

Normally, I am the mom asking around to everyone else if anyone needs clothes or toys.  I usually just give them away.  However, I don’t have any friends with little boys. Continue reading “How I Turned Cleaning Out My Garage Into Extra Cash”