My Father’s Betrayal

The following was copied from my daughters post today. It broke my heart to read. How can the man who was supposed to love and protect her continue to hurt her every chance he gets.

Daughters Facebook Post

NEED EVERY PRAYER OUT THERE POSSIBLE PLEASE!!!! I am not a person that posts personal matters on Facebook, only thing I share a lot is about stress in school or my happy relationship. But what a lot of people don’t know is my home life. Everyone on here probably thinks I am privileged, spoiled, or rich. In reality I am not. During High school I was honored for my father to switch me his GI Bill benefits meaning I had practically an 80% full ride to further my education. By having these benefits I chose one of the best colleges ever in Texas, not a public institute but a Private institute. Since 80% is covered why not go big!

Once High School graduation night came around my father had driven in from his stationed area and attended my graduation. That night as we had went home to celebrate and all the shine was on my accomplishment, my father broke the news and had left his family for a new family. A happy night of my lifetime that I will never get back and refuse to remember. This was the start of a turning point for my future. Funny thing is how he decided the separate from my mom on that night, one less child he had to pay for child support don’t ya think??

Well he didn’t take his benefits back, and I always thought it was because he loved me and cared for me and wanted for my future to continue. I learned real quick during the first year of college that wasn’t the case. My dad literally dangled this scholarship over my head for these past 4 years. As long as I showed that I was on his side of this whole divorce thing I was able to keep my scholarship. If I turned towards my mom’s side, that scholarship was gone in a blink of an eye. So I always kept it neutral and never chose a side and only secretly took my mom’s side because I was not stupid and didn’t overlook what he did.

I was working 40+ hours a week and going to school full-time during my sophomore/junior year. Just so my mom wouldn’t have to be a single parent and support three kids while taking care of my grandparents. I wanted to take care of my business and be a full-grown adult at 18-19 years and give her the relief of one less child to worry about. She didn’t qualify for any government assistance. Bills piled up, court fees and lawyer fees, grandparents medical expenses increased, some nights I would ask her oh what are you cooking and her response would kill me because oh nothing I haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks. With all this stress, I was later diagnosed with depression I almost went into academic probation that year and literally thought of the unthinkable, suicide.

Over these past 4 years my relationship with my dad was literally nothing. A text here or there maybe like once a month, not once did he come and visit my campus until maybe last May but he didn’t even want to walk around campus, he wanted to “just drive by”. Never saw a Christmas or Birthday Present after the divorce, no additional support or any other necessities I may have needed, no help with my Trip to Costa Rica, no help with my class ring. But I didn’t let this affect me as much.

Every time he would come around there was a dispute. I finally saw him after 3 years of hardly any communication on Father’s Day. My baby brother and I met up and spent the day with him and decided to stay the night with him at a hotel. My mom called that night and wanted to tell her baby goodnight. He got so furious saying that my mom interrupted his time with his kids. Seriously ? All because my mom wanted to tell my baby brother, her 10-year-old son goodnight? The next morning he sent us home and told us he will never come around again, he told me “I give your boyfriend my blessing to marry you, don’t expect me to be at your wedding” Isn’t the main part of a wedding of a father giving away his daughter? So you can imagine how heart-broken I was. This was the last encounter I had with him until Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day he called my mom up saying he wanted to see his son right now while we are having our time and eating. Not his other two children my brother and I but only one son, my baby brother. By court order my mom had to take him, so of course my older brother and I went with my mom to meet up and drop off. Right away he starts off being ugly and not telling my mom what he has planned to do with my brother. Doesn’t say if they are going to families, or out to eat or anything. Wouldn’t answer the question of what time he was going to bring him back either. So for any parent wouldn’t this worry you? Pretty much leaving your son with a stranger! I offered to go but my father didn’t want me to go he wanted his son only. Well aren’t I your daughter too? Long story short he didn’t end up getting his son.

Today I received my worst fear. My father pulled my scholarship. One semester left, my final semester left of completing a lifetime goal. My advisor emailed me letting me know my dad called the university and notified them he was taking back his benefits. Where does that leave me? Will I graduate? I don’t know. I need 19k for my spring, my last and final semester to receive my Bachelors. How am I going to come up with this in literally a few weeks? Will my family even have a Christmas? Will there be presents under the tree for my baby brother? Will all of moms savings go to me to finish school? I am at a complete loss and I don’t know what to do! I need prayers and lots of them. My faith is strong that something will work out but as of right now I completely hate my life and wish this upon no one. I did everything right! I earned the grades, I stayed in and completed it in 4 years like I was suppose too! What do I do now?

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