My $70 Bathroom Makeover!

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My boys share a bathroom.  The previous owners painted the bathroom a dark chocolate brown.  They had a monkey theme for their little boy.  I was compelled to paint the bathroom from day one, but I HATE painting with a passion so I decided to overlook the color.  My boys are 16 and 7.  Any mother of boys can attest to the fact that they are slobs.  I don’t understand how toothpaste gets on the walls, but it does.  With the dark brown color, it showed every little mark.  One day I had enough and I was tired of their bathroom looking like a mess and decided that I was going to paint the walls.

After my dad died, I was obsessed with getting my house in order.  Perhaps it was a coping mechanism for me, but I became project obsessed.  Every time someone would turn around, I was reorganizing something or redoing something.  I think me keeping busy was the best thing for me.  The more I was involved with doing something, the less time I had to think about my dad, and how he was no longer with me.

I decided to make the bathroom my next project and I opted to do a nautical beach theme.  For those who know me, this is not really my taste, but after spending a month in the Florida Keys, I was inspired and thought it would be a good way to incorporate my dad, and what he liked.  My father’s house was decorated in shells, fishing, sand, sun, the typical “keys flavor” as I like to call it.  He loved the beach, and loved living in the Keys.

In case you missed it, I HATE painting so I wanted to do it as quickly and as easily as possible.  I saw a color I liked on Pinterest, Behr “Raging Sea” and decided to run to Lowes.  I decided to get a sample jar of the paint and went home to test it out.  It was paint and primer in one and the woman at the paint counter promised me it would cover!  I went home, took everything out of the bathroom and painted one wall and was amazed!  I loved the color!  It seemed to breathe life back into the bathroom! If you look closely you can see the white on the brown paint from me tirelessly trying to clean off the toothpaste.  The brown was Flat paint also, so basically, it was impossible to clean.


Since I HATE painting, I decided to run back to Lowe’s that moment to get a gallon of paint.  I knew that if I waited, I wouldn’t want to finish.  I don’t know why I hate painting, but I do.  However, I am impulsive and I always want something done that second.  I purchased a gallon of paint and came home to finish  3 hours later, (and a lot of cursing, almost falling off the ledge of the tub trying to paint 9 foot walls) the bathroom was painted.


I only used a little bit of paint.  There isn’t a lot of walls in this bathroom.  The tile on the tub goes up almost to the ceiling and next to the toilet is a linen closet.  I could’ve saved at least $20 if I purchased a quart but I purchased a gallon so I have a lot of extra paint.  That evening I went on Amazon and ordered a shower curtain and hooks.  I loved the shower curtain and the hooks were shells.  They had the Conch shell which was my dad’s favorite.  Because I am a prime member, the shower curtain and hooks came the next day.  I wish the shower curtain was longer, but it only came in one size so it is a little shorter than I would’ve liked, but overall, I loved it.

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When we went to Florida after my dad passed we immediately went to his house.  My little one was fascinated by all the “cool stuff” his grandpa had.  He filled his backpack with treasures and I used them in the bathroom.  My dad loved his shells. . .


My dad loved living life and called his home in the Key’s “Paradise”.  He would call me often to tell me about an amazing sunset he watched.   While in the Key’s I captured photos of many sunsets and just the beauty of the Key’s.  I printed them out, framed them and hung them on the wall.


Eventually, I will go back to the Key’s and bring some of my dads things back home with me and use some of his “cool stuff” in the bathroom.  Although this room in my home does not necessarily fit my “style of decor”, it is probably one of my favorite rooms in my house.   I think it looks a million times better and everything cost me around $70.

A little tribute to my dad, I miss him every single day. . .



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