Kevin Frazier Ruined Christmas For So Many Kids


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Today is the day, you eat Turkey, watch Football and spend time with family and friends.  If your family is like mine, you get up in the morning and tune in to watch the Thanksgiving Parade.  It has been a tradition in this house for years.  Today we were just being lazy so we had to hurry and get ready and dressed. The parade wasn’t over, so my son who just turned 8 had to get into the shower.  Because we didn’t get to see Santa yet, I paused the parade and once he was dressed he came down to watch with me.  And then it happened, Kevin Frazier live on TV talked about how the parents move the elf on the shelf.  My mouth dropped.  What an idiot, how could he possibly be so stupid?  My son was on the floor playing with his toys and just looked up to the TV and looked at me. I just continued to look at my computer and said “Santa is coming”.  I am enraged beyond belief.  I know so many will argue about Santa, and the parents who “lie” to their kids.  Or the famous, “he will eventually find out” etc. Yes, they will.  Eventually their innocence will be gone and they will learn the truth.  However, I never in a million years expected so many children would learn the truth during the broadcast of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I can only imagine how many children are beyond devastated, how many Thanksgiving’s are ruined due to the lack of common sense by one man.  I cannot believe the co-host wasn’t quick enough to come up with something, kick him under the table, something -I mean do SOMETHING!  This was a live broadcast that many children watch.  How could one person be so careless.

Shame on you CBS and shame on you Kevin Frazier for destroying the innocence and magic that so many children hold in their hearts.  This is unforgivable, and just shows that you and your co-host are not cut out for live tv.  Stick to reporting about the Kardashians, that is what suits you best.


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