Frustration. . . and an update. . .

So yesterday I did my weekly weigh in and I only lost a half of a pound!  I was beyond frustrated!  I am eating well, gave up carbs and I am on a strict 1200 calorie a day diet.  I exercised 5 days last week, minimum 90 minutes a day! I am just frustrated, but I will not allow myself to give up.  I am hoping my monthly visitor has something to do with this. I went to the gym yesterday and I am off to the gym in a few.

Just wanted to add that Jeff’s book has been completed and is with the editor. This is a very exciting time for us! I am so very proud of him and am so happy I get to assist him in his telling his story.  I have created a fb page for him with updates pertaining to the book and the books release.  Click here to view his page and to read the opening paragraph of his book!  


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    1. I am going to see what happens this week and if it doesn’t work, I will try eating a little more, but I don’t think that is it!


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