An Open Letter To Married Couples With Children


*The title says married but this is to any couple with children*

So you’ve been married for quite a while, and things are just not the same.  You went from having sex all the time, to maybe once a week if you’re lucky. Perhaps your wife gained a few pounds, or your husband has a beer belly.  Maybe you’re so tired from running the kids all day long, that you no longer have time for one another.  Or maybe you both work full-time and you don’t get to see each other often.  Your marriage is struggling and you feel as though your partner is neglecting you, you feel unwanted and unappreciated to the point that you don’t know why you’re in this marriage anymore. . .But you’ve been together for a long time and you have children. . .

Lately, your co-worker has been shamelessly flirting with you.  I mean you do deserve some attention, someone to listen to you, don’t you?  I mean what is wrong with you making new friends,  what harm could a little flirting really do?  It’s just innocent banter with the opposite sex, Continue reading “An Open Letter To Married Couples With Children”