4 Free Websites To Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive


Christmas is right around the corner and perhaps you have little ones whose eyes twinkle the moment you start talking about Santa. . .Or you could have not so little ones who are now beginning to wonder if Santa is real.  I mean of course he is, but. . . My youngest just turned 8. Sadly, this may be my last year.  I will however help with the innocence and magic of Christmas.   These websites are free from laptop/desktop and are a must for your child!

Kringl App

This app is amazing.  Imagine having a secret camera in your own home to record Santa?  That’s right. Now your kids can watch the secret footage of Santa in their home, in their living room -maybe even putting presents under your tree.  This app is free in the app store and is a must for children!

Reindeer Cam 

This website has been a tradition in our home for quite a few years.  Free from your desktop/laptop you can watch 24/7 footage of Santa’s Reindeer!  You will even get to see Santa go out and feed his reindeer a few times a day!  Kids just love this site, and mom’s too!  Please check the website for scheduled times for Santa’s feedings.  I do believe there may be a small charge for the app, but in my opinion, it is well worth it.

Free Video Message From Santa

What an amazing video for your child to see, a personalized message from Santa.  Mom’s all you have to do is fill out the form and they will email you a link to watch your personalized video from Santa Claus himself! This website is free too, as long as you’re using your desktop/laptop version.  It will be available around Thanksgiving.

Elf Yourself

This is fun for the whole family.  Take your pics and watch as each member of your family turns into a dancing elf. I promise you, you will be cracking up after watching this one. Elf yourself is a free app available at the app store.

What do you do to keep the magic of Christmas alive in your home?


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