On April 1, 2015 I received the most heartbreaking life altering news you possibly could in a marriage. My husband hand been cheating on me with the w***e he rented his trailer to. I have so many things to say to her (I speak my mind to him daily about it) So here’s my letter to my HW.
Dear HW,

A lot of people say you can’t wreck a home if the home is already wrecked. This is untrue. Granted, he and I had our ups and downs, but who doesn’t. When he decided to rent the trailer to you, I said “pack your shit and go with live with her because you’re going to end up f****** her anyway” because 3 yrs ago you tried with him too, pretending to be hit by a car at the bar and screaming his name to help you. While I stood right there and FYI, you never got hit by a car you’re a drama freak.

I ended your little escapade before sex happened, even though you say “I wouldn’t let him touch me he had a girlfriend” HA!!! That girlfriend was obviously me cause 7 months later we were married. Then Oct 2014 you came back around and how I wished you had stayed out-of-state but your MARRIED lover kicked ya out (of the hotel) because his wife wasn’t having it!!! So you pursue my husband. After several “I don’t want him, I don’t do that to my friends, He’s a scumbag” you lay down and spread your legs to him. The same man you claim “I wouldn’t touch because he had a girlfriend” but you will touch even though he’s married. WHAT!!! Are you serious!!! So after your sister told me everything, including the screenshots of him telling you he loved you. (Which he denied when I send “I just got texts proving you have been cheating) They are screen shots of you telling B. you love her. After he knew they were screenshots his head dropped. Embarrassment I guess. It took him a week to admit he had sex with you. That was funny. Guess that shows how much he cared about you.

And now I hear you’ve moved on. To another married man no less. This isn’t a shock. TO ANYONE!!! You asked me one day “when will I get a husband to love me and only me” when you stop sleeping with everyone elses. Another piece of advice, don’t pick the gay men either. Yes we all know your ex husband left you for a man. It’s all good. I kept my husband, still figuring out why. While you are still sleeping alone at night. Probably because a lot of good men don’t want to be with someone who sleeps with everyone. But hey good luck!!!! With all your degrees you claim you have from online colleges and such, why are you a waitress? Oh because a Google search of your name brings you up on the homewrecker website (not me someone else) haha GOOD LUCK.

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  1. Sounds like we have almost the same story and exact same timeline. October 6th I caught him when he left his phone at home accidentally. He worked out of town and stayed in a casino hotel. We didn’t have a perfect marriage but like you said it does not matter or make it ok to cheat. We are still trying to make it work. I have more better days but a lot of ptsd and triggers. 2 years seems like a long time but we have been together for 19years and there was a lot of stuff he was hiding from me. (nothing that would break up our marriage like cheating but still…) I wonder if I can ever trust him again? Or anyone for that matter, from friends to well, everyone. Most of me died that day and I have worked very hard to be happy within myself because I am the only one who I can change. I hope you are doing better. And that you know what you are worth. Prayers and hugs.


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