Dear Frosty Floozy,

I don’t expect you to reply to this but it’s a part of my attempt at healing. I know how much in denial you are about the whole situation for reasons I don’t know. Maybe you’re ashamed, feel guilty or its to save face but the fact remains I KNOW what you and my husband did. No woman texts someone else’s husband “we need to talk”. No woman calls someone else’s husband since I heard you on speaker phone and says “It’s no ones business what we did.”

Well as his wife it is my business and it is your workplace’s business since it happened on their property. What were you and him possibly thinking? How could you BOTH not care about the pain you could inflict upon me if I found out? Your buddy says I should be mostly mad at my husband but it wasn’t just him it was both of you. You BOTH could have said NO but instead, you both put your selfish desires ahead of consequences and feelings. Do you know how humiliating it is to work with people who knew what was going on before I did. Who weren’t even going to tell me? You can sit there and pull the “poor me” bullshit but you should have thought about that before messing with a MARRIED man. And at work of all places. It hurts and makes me sick to think you two didn’t stop yourselves. As I asked my husband but How Could You? I know I will probably never get answers from you since I asked you for your side before. I asked him for an answer, but. . .

I just wanted you to know it didn’t just affect you. It affected me too. In a way you nor my asshole husband could imagine. Here I am months later still in emotional pain, but you and that man just swept it under the rug without a care in the world.

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