Dear Ex,

Although you gave me 2 beautiful children the next best thing you gave me was clarification, by having an affair. Wow really? With someone who when I tried giving you to her, turned you down because she didn’t want to be known as the mistress. She just wanted to be your secret and nothing else lol.

You fell once again for a psycho who lied her way into your heart. You claimed you loved me? No honey, you loved yourself. Thank you for being an ass but most of all thank you for messing up because if she hadn’t come into your life, I wouldn’t have found my soul mate which was the man she abandoned for you. Thank you for finding an idiot that couldn’t hide you better and her husband had to look me up to let me know you were having an affair with his wife. He became my best friend… he listened to me being dumb as hell saying I still wanted you! Man was I stupid but I’m glad her husband was there to listen and not influence my decision because that’s what attracted me to him the most.

Wow.. its been almost 4 years since I learned of the affair and today, I just want to say Thank you! My life couldn’t be anymore perfect because the lives you and your whore (at the time) set out to destroy, was a blessing in disguise!

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