Dear Homewrecker,

You don’t realize how much of a blessing you were in my life. While in your life, you thought he was your fairy tale, he in my life was actually a free-loading bum. I later invited you to his castle which was a fallen apart house on his mommy & daddy’s land once I learned of your love lol… Sadly, once I knew, you decided you liked being hidden rather than actually be noticed. While you pushed your damsel in distress on my husband, your husband found me on Facebook and told me of the affair.

Thank you for taking the weight I carried for so long with my marriage off of me and for treating your own husband like sh*t. Thank you for finding a way to get caught in the act so I could find a friend to lean on… your husband! Although once he learned of the affair you immediately filed for divorce and so did I, it’s funny how you wanted to crash my world… my family. But honey you were such a blessing! Thank you for being a sad pathetic wife that choose other men over your husband and children. Thank you for allowing me to see the true man I had married. But most of all thank you for being so wrong in how you went about your affair leaving paper trails to be found because the man you called a speed bump in your life is now my King! Thank you for messing up so I could actually find my soul mate who just happened to be your husband that you abandoned for mine lol…

Although now you say you didn’t have an affair, we still have the proof and one day your new husband who isn’t my ex will be faced with “I didn’t cheat, we kissed, said I love you, took pictures and played around for 6 months. That’s not cheating” You will see that the phase once a cheater always a cheater is true. I’m happy and loved now without having to worry about my husband cheating because we both knows how it feels and would NEVER want to sink as low as you did. Again…thanks for making my life complete!

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