$2 DIY Glade Plug In Decorative Covers


I am obsessed with Glad plug-ins.  I have one in practically every room in my house.  They make my home smell so inviting.  People are constantly asking me what I use to make my home “smell so good”.  Well, glade plugins!  My favorite scent is “Be At Peace” (last years shimmering spruce).  It has such an amazing scent that lasts long.  Yes, I have used Yankee plug-ins and Wallflowers from BBW but they just don’t do it for me, and not to mention the cost is double.  But, they do have the beautiful decorative covers that Glade for some reason has yet to capitalize on.  Why?  I have no idea.  Yes, my house smells amazing, but what an eyesore the ugly white plug-ins are!  I HATE them.  They just don’t look nice, but I am not willing to give up my glade scented oils.  So what is a girl to do?

I contacted Glade begging suggesting they come up with something!  Why make a product that smells so good but looks absolutely hideous I asked?  Of course, I never received a response.  I actually caved and bought a wallflower the other day when I went to grab my Christmas soaps at Bath and Body Works.  $10 for the decorative cover and $6 for the wallflower.  But the Winter snowflake cover was so pretty!  I have it plugged in my living room and although it looks beautiful, the scent just isn’t doing it for me!  I want to have both, why can’t I have both?!?!  Sad and frustrated I just sat there and all of a sudden boom! I can have both, I can make them!  So I went on Pinterest and searched away, and found NOTHING, zip, zilch zero.  The only thing I could find was how to make your own scented oils to refill the plug-in.  That is not what I wanted, I wanted my actual plugs for the scented oils to look pretty!  So I called it a night and said I would work on it in the morning.

Today I went to Michael’s, with determination.  I was there for one reason and one reason only, to grab ornaments and get out of there as fast as I could.  45 minutes later I left with ornaments and a few other things.  I mean they were having an amazing sale!  I came home and turned on the lights to my tree and my Hallmark Christmas movies for inspiration!  I sat down at my dining room table and went to work.  At first I thought hot glue, but then I was like eh, that may not work too well.  Although the plug-in doesn’t get very hot, it does get warm and I didn’t want hot glue to well, turn into hot glue and melt all over my wood floors.  What about Crazy glue?  Uh, flammable?  Maybe, maybe not?  Good idea or,  -not such a good idea? (although truly I think it would’ve been ok) But the plugs for the scented oils have that little dial on them that lets you control how much scent you want released.  I will admit, high is the only way to go, but perhaps strange people other people actually set the dial to low or medium. So no, gluing was not going to work.  So how the heck am I going to get these beautiful ornaments attached to this ugly plastic white plug? I decided to grab a scissor to cut the tags off the ornaments and what do I see in my little junk drawer?  Ta-da! Command photo hanging strips!  BINGO!  I had one of those “why the heck didn’t I think of that earlier” moments!


So this is what you need.

-Ugly Glade White Plug (scented oil holder)

-Ornaments (preferably with flat backs)


-Command Photo hanging strips

Usually, when you use the command photo strips you use two.  They have these little teeth that you need to snap together.  However, they’re all the same, so for this I just used one strip cut in half.  I took half of the strip and attached it to the front of the ugly glade white plug and attached the other half to the back of the ornament.  I then pressed them both together so the teeth snapped together and viola!  Done!  Tell me this doesn’t look a million times better?


The ornaments were on sale at Michael’s, 50% off which ended up being about $2 an ornament.  I’m sure you could find ones at the dollar store or perhaps you even have some at home.  I wouldn’t use paper or felt because this is a plug-in that plugs into the wall and may get warm.

For $2 per plug, I was able to make my own beautiful decorative plug and this allowed me to continue to use my favorite glade scented oils!  I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out!  And you can easily remove the ornament to utilize the dial!  I actually like the ones I made better than the BBW Wallflower.  My cost $2 (because I already had plug-ins and oil)  However, you can grab a plug-in plus one scented oil for $3 at your local store.  Add $1 or $2 for the ornament and that is $5 or less.  Compared to $16!

My Beautiful DIY Glad Plug In Covers $2


Bath and Body Works Wallflower $16


*Sidebar* – I was only able to do two tonight, but I plan on doing more tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I ran out of command strips.  I will update photos when I finish!


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